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1, 2, 3 Harapan, SMK Dato' Haji Mohd Redza, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

SMK Dato' Haji Mohd Redza, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. first high school i've been but not long enough, just 3 years. i'm still remember the memories with the classmates even 4 years i left that school. but the memories can't be erase. the girls, memang pelajar yang sangat rajin. and i think, i'm the laziest person among them. even i'm too busy with my sports and i'm kindda slow with my academic archievements, but they always support me no matter how stubborn i was. but, my PMR was so disapponted. i feel ashamed with those girls, so i made a choice. a choice that will left me with tons of guilty feelings. i left them. so i transfered to another school & being a part of them. but, please believe me. i tried. i even begging the principle to give me just one more day to be with you all. but, the powers are only in her hand. and i can't do anything about that. i tried. but do you remember the promise we made before we enter the hall during the first day of PMR?

"walau ape pun yang terjadi, kita semua tetap kawan."

and i still hold that promise until now. thanks girls!

the boys, hmm.  got long history with them. being the only girl that always sleeping in class, always being kicked out from Kemahiran Hidup class, the most stubborn girl in class & the most laziest girl in class, has make me the most annoying person for you guys. but the truth is, you guys makes me more mature from day to day. you guys teached me how to control myself, how to be like other girls & how to be patient. it maybe takes some times, but it's working. thanks guys!

now, we all separated & going to reach our dreams for the future.
but for me, we all still friends.
i love you my friends.
thank you.

mathematics !

this time, i'm gonna talk about my 'relationship' with Maths.
do you like Maths?
basically, i HATE it.
because Maths always be the reasons i can't have full marks in exams.
*Gosh, i don't like it.
well, here's some pictures to prove to you about my 'relationship' with this fella.

"MATHEMATICS is one of the essential emanations of bla bla bla..."
what the duck is he talking about?

hey algebra, see ya next semester.
i'm gonna repeat my Maths & i'm gonna see if you're tough enough to beat me.

these always be the reasons for the Maths teachers to kick me out from their class.
it's ok, no big deal.
that class have no fun at all.

it's not 'Dirty Job' but it's a 'Great Job'.
wrong again.
he's not a 'Dumb Kid' but he's a 'Creative Minded Kid'.
(this picture reminds me when i was 10 years old)

the upper image will be my 'normal brain'.
the lower image will be my 'not-so-normal brain'.
can you see the differences?
this will ONLY happen during the Maths class.

i told ya that i HATE Maths.
have fun, geeks ! :D

good luck !

Esok 11 April 2011, aku serta kawan kawan yg lain akan mengambil final exam utk semester 2. bolehkah aku mengekalkan pointer 3.74 yg diperoleh ketika semester 1? insyaAllah. kalau drop pown aku akan pastikan pointer atas 3.00. insyaAllah. subject yg telah aku study setakat ni ialah audio video & maths. maths aku study ape yg aku boleh ingat saje laa.

" u drop under 3.00 pointer, i'll take back your cars. deal? "

OMG ! see? my dad dah ugut.

" insyaAllah dad, i'll try my best. "

tuu je la yg mampu aku katekan pd parents aku time diorg dtg KL tadi. tak mampu nk janji lebih lebih sbb subject utk semester 2 ni mmg TOUGH. so, students semester 2 class diploma in multimedia technology (DMT)class diploma in business computing ( DMB ), GOOD LUCK you all. semoga kita semua dpt results yg terbaik. insyaAllah, Allah Maha Adil. Dia mengetahui segalanya.

hani mohamad zain

hani zain
True friendship is a gift
So precious and so rare
Sometimes we take it for granted
Sometimes we do despair

Our fault is being human
Mistakes are everywhere
Please let me not lose the gift
That is so precious and so rare.

I'm sorry if I hurt you,
In that really awful way.
So lets make up and forget
About what I did that day.
I'm really sorry.
I promise I won't do it again.
So, can we be friends from now on & then.

i'm sorry hani. :(

final exam !!!

this will be ME !
Oh My Gosh ! Final exam is just around the corner. these are the subjects that i'll be taken :

Linear Algebra ( i hate maths! )
Graphic Design ( i'm not soooo creative. i hate it too )
Information System & Analysis Design ( ??? )
Audio & Video Technique ( awesome ! <3 )
Visual Computing Using Visual Basic , VB ( oh noooo ! )
Introduction To Programming 2 (killer subject, no mercy)

so friends out there, GOOD LUCK for your exams.