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mathematics !

this time, i'm gonna talk about my 'relationship' with Maths.
do you like Maths?
basically, i HATE it.
because Maths always be the reasons i can't have full marks in exams.
*Gosh, i don't like it.
well, here's some pictures to prove to you about my 'relationship' with this fella.

"MATHEMATICS is one of the essential emanations of bla bla bla..."
what the duck is he talking about?

hey algebra, see ya next semester.
i'm gonna repeat my Maths & i'm gonna see if you're tough enough to beat me.

these always be the reasons for the Maths teachers to kick me out from their class.
it's ok, no big deal.
that class have no fun at all.

it's not 'Dirty Job' but it's a 'Great Job'.
wrong again.
he's not a 'Dumb Kid' but he's a 'Creative Minded Kid'.
(this picture reminds me when i was 10 years old)

the upper image will be my 'normal brain'.
the lower image will be my 'not-so-normal brain'.
can you see the differences?
this will ONLY happen during the Maths class.

i told ya that i HATE Maths.
have fun, geeks ! :D